Conventional Systems

Conventional Systems

All three ranges are renowned throughout the industry for their installability, reliability and price.

CFP for webThe award-winning CFP EN54 fire panel comes in three versions - standard, economy and LPCB approved. Supplied in an attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, all three come with 2, 4 or 8 detection circuits and feature 4 conventional sounder circuits, 2 inputs (class change and alert) and 4 outputs (fire 1, fire 2, fault and reset). A wide range of engineering functions are also available including – dependent on the model purchased – selectable zone delays, coincidence, non-latching zones and comprehensive fault diagnostics facilities. Attractively designed and extremely cost-effective, the CFP is fully compliant with EN54 parts 2 & 4, the European standard for fire alarm control and indicating equipment. Push button and keyswitch versions of the CFP are available.

MFP for webThe MFP 4 to 28 Zone BS fire panel was designed to fill the gap between low cost, low specification fire panels and higher priced, higher specification equipment. Expandable from 4 to 28 zones in 4 zone steps, the MFP’s balance of features (4 sounder circuits, head-out fault indication and two on-board fire relays) plus its compatibility with a wide range of expansion boards makes it one of the most sophisticated BS5839-4 compliant fire panels available. Extremely popular in the Middle East and other non-European countries, the MFP boasts a wide range of engineer functions including one man detector test, sounder walk test, sounder isolate, sounder delay, auxiliary isolate and an optional short-circuit = fire facility (pre-1980 BS, no resistors in call points).

FP for webThe FP 1-14 Zone BS fire panel has been protecting people and property for almost two decades. Like the MFP, it is supplied in a robust metal enclosure with a lift-off lid and heavy-duty base connections to help promote an easy first fix and straightforward maintenance. The FP’s broad compatibility with virtually all known conventional smoke and heat detector ranges – a feature common to all of C-TEC’s conventional fire panels - and its ability to interpret a short circuit in any zone(s) as a fire or fault make it particularly useful for retro-installations. Optional head out monitoring units are also available for systems requiring compliance with BS5839-1 (1988).




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