Fire Suppression Cylinder Service Exchange

Fire Suppression Cylinder Service Exchange

Fire Suppression Cylinder Service Exchange

All containers used in fixed firefighting systems, for example, FM200, SAPPHIRE, CO2, INERGEN, i3, must undergo a Hydrostatic test every 10 years. This is a statutory requirement captured within the ADR. Further if a system discharges and the containers are more than 10 years’ old they must be tested before they can be refilled.

Recertification Testing Procedure

Under the regulations a Visual and Hydrostatic test must be completed every 10 years. Hydrostatic testing involves the cylinder being filled with water and then being placed inside water filled high pressure chamber. The water pressure inside the cylinder is then increased to 166% of its maximum working pressure. This will make the cylinder expand slightly, this expansion causes the water in the high pressure chamber to be displaced, and this is channelled into market collection tubes which in turn allow the displaced water to be measured. If the cylinders expansion is within acceptable limits (≤ 5%), it successfully passes the test, if not it has failed and may not be refilled (failed cylinders are destroyed). After the pressure test the cylinders that have passes are dried then stamped with the current month and year. These cylinders are then refilled with the appropriate suppression agent and placed back into service.
This procedure would mean there would be a long period of downtime.

Our Solution: Direct Exchange

Masterfire deliver the exact cylinder type and quantities that you require, tested, refilled & certified. This is then fitted on the same day with allowances given for your existing cylinder and agent, which are then transported minimising down time.


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