Masterfire Service Agreement

Masterfire is one of the leading maintenance providers for the Fire Detection Industry in Ireland.
Masterfire maintain the latest equipment in both fire detection and fire extinguishing equipment ensuring the best possible operation of your systems and compliance with the necessary regulations. 

Benefits of a Masterfire Service Agreement

  • Compliance with legal obligations The Irish Standard IS3218:2009 8.2.1; states that the person having control over the premises shall ensure that work necessary to maintain the system is carried out, that records listed in 8.2 are carried out. It also states 8.2.1 "Servicing shall be undertaken following commissioning of the installation whether the premises are occupied or not. The requirement for servicing is a statutory requirement and independent of any obligations of the installer under defets liability". 
  • 24 Hour callout service. 
  • Absolute confidence in your safety equipment should an emergency occur. If you have a service agreement, routine service is carried out, ensuring your fire alarm system and equipment are working correctly.  
  • Identification of system faults before a problem occurs.
  • An agreed maintenance schedule.When a service agreement is entered into with Masterfire , you no longer have to worry about remembering to get your equipment serviced as we do that for you. 
  • The support and knowledge of one of the top fire protection companies in Ireland. 
  • All relevant standards are available to purchase from NSAI at:
Call us today on:00353(0)41 6853313 



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