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Addressable Call Systems

Quantec for webRevolutionary - that’s just one of the words that have been used to describe Quantec, the most innovative addressable call systems. Costing over a million pounds to develop, the way the system operates can be tailored to suit a care facility’s specific requirements. For example, different day, night and call divert arrangements can be easily accommodated to meet the exact operational needs and precise layout of any building. This flexibility, coupled with many other advanced features such as multiple call levels, free built-in datalogging, simple system reprogramming and full monitoring of all network devices, makes Quantec the obvious choice for nursing homes, hospitals, health centres and many other private and public sector establishments.

  • Easy to use

From the moment Quantec is up-and-running, you will begin to reap the benefits of the most advanced, versatile and affordable call system on the market. Quantec’s easy-to-read backlit displays show the precise location of all relevant incoming calls and indicate their presence via a gentle unobtrusive alarm tone. Should you visit a room only to find additional assistance is required, simply reach across to the nearest call point to make a ‘help required’ or ‘emergency’ call. Quantec will prioritise your call, show it on all relevant displays and indicate its higher priority with a more urgent alarm tone easily recognisable by fellow staff.


  • Clear & concise

QUANTEC press 2To say Quantec is easy to use is an understatement. Despite its many features, it is one of the easiest to use call systems ever manufactured. Calls can be made from a variety of devices including tail call leads, ceiling pulls and pressure pads, each designed to suit different levels of patient dexterity.

Once triggered, calls are reset at the room from which they were made via a button or magnetic reset key. A confidence light on the bedhead reassures patients that calls have been registered, and for those prone to wander, door monitoring points and portable movement detectors can provide added protection.


  • Quantec Responder

For people working in the care industry, the threat of personal attack is all too real. The problem is: how do you safeguard against the risks? Enter Responder, Quantec’s optional staff protection facility which allows workers to highlight exactly where an attack is taking place within seconds. All at risk staff carry a special rechargeable transmitter which they attach to their clothing. Should an attack take place, they simply activate the transmitter to fill the area with infrared and radio signals. These signals are picked up by a special receiver which instantly informs Quantec that an attack is taking place. An urgent, piercing alarm is then sounded throughout the building and the exact location of the incident is shown on all displays for the swift response of security staff.


  • Quantec Surveyor

quantec 20graphQuantec's powerful new data management software allows detailed data analysis reports to be sent direct to your PC’s desktop. In addition to displaying 'real-time' call, reset and room occupancy information, Surveyor allows you to produce reports on criteria such as longest calls, most frequently visited rooms, busiest shifts and the average time taken to answer a call for any given period within the last six months and to view them in text and/or graphical form. Surveyor gives management tighter control of their care facility and is an invaluable tool for evaluating staff performance, reviewing patient demands and determining labour levels/shift patterns.


  • Quantec Configurator

config 1 copyNeed a call system that complies with HTM-2015? Got a third-party stainless steel switch assembly you'd like to connect to Quantec? Want to tailor the way a Quantec Responder transmitter works to meet your exact operational requirements? Our new Quantec Configurator allows you to do all of this and more. With its powerful Windows-based PC software and wide range of universal programming devices (available separately), our new Quantec Configurator tool effectively turns Quantec into one of the most adaptable call systems in the world. Now virtually any third-party annunciator, sounder or indicator can be added to Quantec with ease.


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