Voice Alarms

Voice Alarms

AVAC for webIntroducing AVAC - a new low-cost, high quality modular voice alarm system purposely designed to simplify the provision of a fully BS5839-8 compliant voice alarm system.

In one compact wall-mounting enclosure, AVAC comprises two easy-to-understand conventional and analogue (XP95/Discovery) fire alarm interfaces, making integration with an existing fire detection system a breeze. Also in the box is:

  • A high quality digital message store containing programmable evacuate alert and test messages;
  • A prioritised mixer;
  • Two 60 Watt 'Class D' amplifiers;
  • An EN54 compliant switch mode PSU/battery charger;
  • Three balanced line level inputs (for the optional connection of a firefighter's microphone, paging/public address equipment and a background music source).

The fact that multiple master and slave AVACs can be interconnected makes AVAC ideal for most small to medium-sized applications including hotels, licensed premises, leisure centres, shopping complexes and offices.
Voice alarm systems are recognised as the growth area for the life safety industry over the coming years. For installers with limited audio knowledge, C-TEC now offer a CPD approved voice alarm training course to arm you with the basic knowledge required to attack this growing marketplace.

Fire Cryer

The Fire-Cryer® voice enhanced sounder has been developed to counteract the ever-increasing problem of audible alarms being ignored. It eliminates any potential confusion by combining the normal sounder signal with a clear and unambiguos voice message.

The Fire-Cryer® can be both heard and understood.

The Fire-Cryer® requires no special wiring and can be retrofitted to existing installations meaning that in-situ wiring can be easily utilised. Fire-Cryer® sounders are fully synchronised and have an exceptionally low current consumption allowing simple replacement of existing sounders and bells.

Up to four different messages can be selected from a library of over 60 - with foreign language and bespoke messages also available. The Fire-Cryer's® clarity and high sound output using the existing 2-wire installation offers unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

The need to cater for the broard range of fire protection requirements has led to an extensive English and foreign language message library encompassing a huge diversity of evacuation, alert, test and all clear messages.


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