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Fire Detection & Alarm

Detecting a fire before it has broken out will help increase response times preventing loss of property and life

A fire alarm is a robust detection solution necessary to warn building occupants to evacuate in time before a fire spreads.

We offer a range of fire protection systems to suit your premises and that will alert people to fire-related emergencies such as the presence of smoke, fire or carbon monoxide.

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Emergency Lighting

The purpose of emergency lighting is to provide light in the event of a mains or local power supply failure

Normal operation may be disrupted if your building is suddenly plunged into darkness.

Emergency lighting will illuminate evacuation routes allowing occupants to find the nearest exits and evacuate quickly and safely.

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Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is the first response to a fire breakout and is critical in suppressing a blaze

In an emergency, portable fire extinguishers are highly effective in controlling a fire and minimising its impact.

They are a key part of your fire safety plan and can be used to put out a fire or suppress it until emergency responders arrive.

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Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems will activate automatically to extinguish and control a blaze

Fire suppression systems protect your people, assets and property from escalating fires.

When the system activates suppression agents such as dry chemicals or wet agents neutralises the fire and stops it from spreading within the building preventing severe damage.

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Fire Doors

The purpose of fire doors is to protect escape routes and allow occupants to evacuate safely

Fire doors play a vital role in your fire prevention strategy slowing the spread of smoke and fire providing valuable time for a building's occupants to evacuate safely.

These are specialist life-saving doors used to protect exit routes on stairs and corridors, offering extra safety in an emergency.

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Call Systems

Technology purposely designed to improve the quality of patient care and provide extra support to medical professionals

Innovative and easy-to-use Call Systems link nursing staff to their patients providing a vital communication lifeline at nursing homes, hospitals and health care centres improving the level of patient care.

Call Systems can be tailored to suit each health care facility's specific requirements. They provide alerts to ensure the safety of staff and patients when they need it most.

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