Management System

We have an ISO 14001:2015 certified Environmental Management System which supports our achievement of environmental goals and continual improvement of environmental performance through consistent monitoring, review and evaluation. The system has been integral to the establishment of a strong environmental culture within the company.

Certification & Memberships

We hold the following environmental certifications & memberships to ensure the highest standards of compliance:

  • Producer Register Limited (PRL) - IE02772WB

  • European Recycling Platform (ERP)

  • Environmental Data Exchange Network (EDEN)

Fleet Management

Engineers are located regionally to reduce travel requirements.

Our vehicle tracker system maximises efficiency of the fleet.

Our fleet objectives includes the addition of electric vehicles in support of the 2030 climate action plan.

WEEE Management

As Masterfire place electrical and electronic equipment on the Irish market we are constantly striving to source innovative, sustainable, longer life products in order to reduce Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) production.

As an registered installer of Electrical Electronic Equipment (EEE), Masterfire take responsibility for the recycling of WEEE installed by us.

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