Fire Suppression

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems control and extinguish fire without the need for human intervention and are typically used to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire within an enclosure and/or building.


Installation & Maintenance of Fire Suppression Systems Modular Build Solutions Recertification Testing Procedure -Service Exchange Facility Room Integrity Testing Early Detection Systems Water Leak Detection Systems

Range of Solutions

We offer a range of suppression systems and promote both Chemical and Inert solutions. Our systems can detect and extinguish fire automatically in high-risk and high-value applications.

Commitment to Quality

Masterfire are F-Gas certified in relation to Stationary Fire Protection Systems & Extinguishers.

Masterfire is committed to reducing the environmental impact of F-Gases through the promotion of alternative environmentally friendly solutions.

Modular Build Solutions

We provide suppression systems for Modular / Sectional type buildings and have successfully completed several projects both at home and abroad. We understand and have overcome the challenge of partially fitting a unit in one location prior to transport to the final destination for set up and commission.

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